Chase Allan to attend the 2016 AT&T U-Verse Fanfare X at the Music City Center, Nashville

After the fantastic time at the 2o15 AT&T U-Verse Fanfare X at the CMAFest, Chase has announced he is coming back for more! ~"Meeting so many country music fans from all over the world was an incredible experience. The opportunity to literally shake hands with thousands of fans was truly amazing. For me it's always been about the fans...I love em and can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again" ~Chase The Fanfare X is part of the CMAFest. It is held at Nashville's beautiful Music City Center where an estimated 150,ooo people walk through the door's in just 4 days. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to meet both up & coming country artists along with established artists. Chase also will be doing Shows for the 2016 CMAFest.

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